Is anyone talking to Andrew Little or are they all trying to make him look like a dick

Yesterday in parliament Andrew Little got a caning on the first question over social housing where his own spokesman’s words were hurled back at him with every question.

Then there is this on the subject of the corporate welfare for Team New Zealand.

Labour’s sport spokesman Trevor Mallard confirmed he was briefed on the outcome of the qualifiers’ series decisions, but not by the Government and hinted it was international sources. He said he did not intend to break the confidentiality he was bound by.

Mr Mallard was Sport Minister under the former Labour Government which had given the $36 million funding and said he believed it was worth re-investing in the team whether or not it had secured a series. He said the Government had earned more in income tax and GST than it contributed in direct funding last time. “It would be logical for them to put money in on the cost benefit and tax analysis they’ve done. I think it adds up.”

Mr Mallard’s leader was slightly less convinced and Mr Mallard said he had not passed on the information he knew to Mr Little because “I don’t break confidences.” ?

Mr Little said the America’s Cup was perceived as a “rich man’s game” but Labour could support funding if it was justified by benefits to local businesses such as boat builders, sail makers and component part makers.

“Obviously it’s a sport that looks like a rich man’s game – the big flash yachts, well paid crew. But if there’s positive benefits, particularly if that exceeds any contribution the Government is making, I think it’s worth looking at.”

Is Mallard rogue?

Or did he deliberately set Little up to again look like a flapping fish on a wharf?

One thing is increasingly obvious is no one in Labour is talking to Andrew Little as he flails around looking increasingly hopeless.

Surely someone set him up as well on the Cohen fee issue.

I think Andrew Little’s political management is going to undo him…he is trying hard to resist being Angry Andy but instead he has replaced that with the actions and persona of a person who is a fool.


– NZ Herald