Does anyone yet realise that we are in a war?


The terrorist huggers don’t want us to fight ISIS…despite the fact they are fighting us now.

They want us to ignore the increasingly depraved actions of these terrorists because it is over there and not over here.

I wonder how those subjugated under Hitler would have got on if we had adopted those attitudes back then.

They are of course wrong…and we are actually in a war…and people are dying simply for believing in a different god.

A video purporting to show the mass beheading of Coptic Christian hostages was released by militants in Libya affiliated with the Islamic State. ??

The video appeared on the Twitter feed of a website that supports Islamic State, which has seized parts of Iraq and Syria and has also beheaded Western hostages, most recently Kayla Mueller,

The killings raise the possibility that the Islamic militant group – which controls about a third of Syria and Iraq in a self-declared caliphate – has established a direct affiliate less than 500 miles from the southern tip of Italy. One of the militants in the video makes direct reference to that possibility, saying the group now plans to “conquer Rome”.

The militants had been holding 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians hostage for weeks, all labourers rounded up from the city of Sirte in December and January. It was not clear from the video whether all 21 hostages were killed. It was one of the first such beheading videos from an Islamic State group affiliate to come from outside the group’s core territory in Syria and Iraq.

The Associated Press could not immediately independently verify the video. But the Egyptian government and the Coptic Church, which is based in Egypt, both declared it authentic.

The Egyptian government declared a seven-day mourning period and President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi addressed the nation late Sunday night, pledging resilience in the fight against terrorism.

“These cowardly actions will not undermine our determination” said el-Sissi, who also banned all travel to Libya by Egyptian citizens and said his government reserves the right to seek retaliation. “Egypt and the whole world are in a fierce battle with extremist groups carrying extremist ideology and sharing the same goals.”

Egypt has just realised that they are in a war, and to their eternal credit, despite being a muslim country have declared that the beheading of 21 of their christian citizens is unacceptable.

Egypt understands we are at war, Jordan understands we are at war…the UAE understands we are at war…the Israelis have known for decades that we are at war.

Rachel Smalley has recently been to Syria…she has finally realised that we are in a war…praise god for small mercies that she has realised at least.

When will we realise it in New Zealand.


– Fairfax