ATEED now funding tickets to exclusive golf tournaments

Len Brown’s council and subsidiaries are out of control, but none more so than ATEED which is facing several scandals at once.

Their plans to create mini embassies around the world has met with strong opposition but now it seems they are adding corporate welfare for rich golfers to their ambit.

The Taxpayers? Union can reveal that Auckland Council?s economic development agency, ATEED, has gifted $50,000 of ratepayer money to the Remuera Golf Club for the Holden PGANZ Championship. Taxpayers? Union Executive Director, Jordan Williams, says:

?Auckland Council claims to have no money, but finds $50,000 spare to give a hand-out to Auckland?s richest golf club. They might label it ?economic development? but how is this a priority over roads, rail and housing??

The Taxpayers? Union was alerted to the funding through a Council social media competition offering ratepayers ten tickets to the event.

?The ten tickets are probably all ratepayers are ever going to see of the $50,000,? says Mr Williams.

In responding to questions put by the Taxpayers? Union, ATEED, the Council?s economic development agency, has indicated that a project sharing agreement is in place whereby the Council receive 50% of any profits over and above $150,000 generated by the event.

?Officials are trying to have it both ways by claiming that the grant is not a hand-out to sport, rather an ?investment?. When it flops, they?ll no doubt then call it a tourism expense.?

?If anyone really thinks this is a genuine investment that will make a good return to ratepayers, we?ve got a bridge to sell you.?

The documentation released by ATEED to the Taxpayers? Union is available at?

Remuera Golf club is one of the most prestigious golf clubs in?the?country. They even call it prestigious on their website.

Today ? in its graceful, woodlands setting ? Remuera is one of Auckland?s (and some would
argue New Zealand?s) premier golf courses, and a glowing a tribute to those early enthusiasts who were able to look beyond the bleakness of the Great Depression.

Perhaps fittingly, with new greens, tees and improvements being added progressively, their quest for
perfection lives on.

Their membership fees are steep…the ten lucky ratepayers with tickets can’t even join the club as there is a wait list currently.fees

So ATEED is coughing up $50,000 to a golf club that charges its members thousands to even join and then thousands more every year.

Well done ATEED, you’ve nailed corporate welfare in a manner that even Steve Joyce would approve of.

Remuera Golf Club, one of New Zealand’s “premier golf courses” just became?a corporate bludger.


– Taxpayers’ Union