Auckland Council thinks a dump is cultural heritage

In the latest of Council clangers, Auckland Council has declared an old dump to be culturally significant.

Yes, you read that right. A dump.

Auckland Council have been playing fast and loose with the cultural heritage provisions in the Unitary Plan and campaign group Democracy Action have caught them out big time.

Last week Democracy Action exposed a site showing that the Council have placed a cultural marker smack bang in the middle of the old Greenmount dump in East Tamaki.


There?s almost 4,000 of these sites of value to mana whenua scattered throughout the city or suburbs. The same type that saw Maori mafiosos come after Bob Jones when he wanted to replace a window. The Council never checked the sites so Democracy Action has volunteers doing it for them.

The Council don?t want to know if there?s artefacts, fish bones or an old kumara pit at any of the sites. In fact, they don?t even want to read documents on their own website.

Here?s what EnviroWaste had to say when they closed down Greenmount dump in 2012.


So the Council?s scheduled a site willy-nilly, despite EnviroWaste having a word to the local iwi and telling the Council that there?s nothing significant there.

Maybe they?ve found a taniwha writhing about in the old dump now that it?s being redeveloped?

Either way, it?s a bad look for Lyin? Len?s Council. I?m looking forward to see what Democracy Action pull out of the bag next.