Auckland Council win on compact city

?Auckland Council wins on compact city direction from Hearings Panel

It looks more and more like Auckland is screwed and destined to continue to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Yesterday the Independent Hearings Panel has issued it’s direction on the issues of growth and the Rural Urban Boundary (RUB) – deciding to side with Auckland Council.

While?this does not set in stone the Regional Policy Statement it does clearly signal to all concerned that the panel is going to run with Auckland Council on the compact city aspirations. ?

This is not just a blow for property developers but its a major blow to the Government.? It single handedly smashes the affordable housing drivers out of the ball park and gives a solid two finger salute to the National Government.

It’s also a huge blow to the multitude of residents who didn’t want to see rezoning occur in their neighbourhoods.

It is now certain that as Council and the PAUP process move through the next two years – large swathes of Auckland will be rezoned for redevelopment into higher density. Like it or not, thats the direction the panel is going to run with.

Len Brown might crow that this is a win, but the masses might have a different view.