Auckland Council’s dodgy survey delivering as expected

The Auckland Council’s farcical and illegal survey is now in full PR spin mode as the boffins try to tell the story that Aucklander’s want tolls.

Motorway tolls are gaining far more support from Aucklanders than lifting rates and fuel taxes to fill a $12 billion transport funding gap over 30 years.

A snapshot Auckland Council has given the Herald of public feedback received in consultations over its 10-year budget also shows more than twice as much support for a $10.3 billion enhanced transport programme than for a stripped-down $6.9 billion version it warns will be the Super City’s lot if it cannot raise extra money.

The consultations began on January 23 and remain open for submissions until March 16.

Tolls have been backed by 51 per cent of 3418 responses received so far to a council mailout, and 17 per cent have indicated part support.

With a population of over 1.5 million to receive just 3418 responses is laughable. It is only 0.22% of a percent. Len Brown will no doubt claim this as an endorsement. ?

There weren’t any choices on the form. Nobody could choose ‘nothing’ so it’s a narrowly focussed and deliberate set of questions to answer anyway.

But that said the survey is also unlawful. It contained no analysis of each alternative with costings for example. That is required under the Local Government Act.

I raised this issue some weeks back.

When I did, I was certain it would become one of those moments that Len Brown leaps on to claim he is supported. But with returns running at just 0.22% of the population if he claims that then he is more deluded than even I suspected.

Auckland Council however are stupid. The Government is acutely aware that the survey is unlawful but more importantly they didn’t come down in the last shower and can clearly see how much of a stitch up it is. Because that’s what it is. There is no credible survey and it doesn’t at all signal support for tolls. If that is the survey result.

Len and his cronies must be as dumb as a bag of hammers to think anyone would accept the outcomes of their survey.

‘Besides that the Council have allowed the questions to be asked at all it goes to show that they are so corrupt and determined to get their own way they will do anything to wrestle or put the Government on the spot.

It is one heck of a power struggle brewing between Auckland Council and the Government. I suspect it is going to get worse.


– NZ Herald