Bad Luck Borat

Bad luck for Tofik Mamedov, the Borat of Botany, whose car got crushed by a huge rotten tree limb. It’s lucky that he and others were not injured.

The good news is that the car is a crappy old Rover, and is now written off, so Borat can now get insurance money for a newer and better car to put Labour Party signs on at the next election.

Great success!

A two-tonne tree branch that snapped from a 150-year-old oak tree, badly damaging a row of parked cars in Auckland Domain yesterday, was probably rotten but was “extensively” checked by council staff last year.

About 1pm, the tree appeared to split in half, slamming the 15m limb on to four cars parked beneath it. The cars’ roofs were crushed and windscreens shattered. No one was injured.

Council parks manager Mark Bowater said the limb that “failed” stripped away part of the trunk of the tree, revealing internal decay.

“That appears to be the cause of the failure,” he said. ?

Two of the four cars damaged were not insured, but the council would not foot the repair bill, Mr Bowater said.

“The limb that failed had no visible sign of decay, so its collapse was not predictable, and council does not believe it is liable to pay compensation.

We expect all car owners to insure their cars,” he said.

Tofik Mamedov’s red Rover was severely damaged. He was shocked when he returned to the park.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said. “Unfortunately I don’t have insurance.”

Uh oh…looks like he will have to resort to more ‘traditional’ transport.



– NZ Herald