Because Infidel lives matter

Eric Allan Bell

Eric Allan Bell

Eric Allen Bell is a writer, filmmaker and Media Adviser living in Los Angeles, California.? While making a documentary about the construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in Murfreesboro, TN he attempted to expose ?Islamophobia?. Then he learned the truth about Islam. Once he stated that Islam was the biggest threat to human rights in the world today, he was banned from writing for Daily Kos and, after created a petition to silence him. His article, ?The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam? has been widely circulated and has caused several Liberals to rethink how they look at the Religion of Peace.

In the article, The High price of Telling the Truth About Islam you learn that Eric started his documentary motivated to expose the Islamophobia he believed was behind the wide spread protests against the mega mosque. He beleived that Islam was a religion of Peace and could not understand why those protesting felt so strongly. He felt strongly that the Muslims were the underdog and he was highly motivated to defend them. To find out what changed his mind you must read the article.

He has certainly paid a high price for changing his mind once he started to learn the facts. For a start, those bank rolling his documentary did not want a balanced view. They wanted him to stick to the one sided angle that they had all originally agreed on. They did not want him to tell both sides of the story. They actually accused him of being Islamophobic ( the very thing he had been motivated to expose when he first started his documentary.)

Another article written by Eric is titled, Infidel lives matter. It is a very good read that I highly recommend.

Below I have included some extracts from Infidel lives Matter:

About 1,400 years ago a mentally ill illiterate desert dweller, a Jew-hater suffering from auditory hallucinations, dictated a best seller entitled ?The Holy Quran?. Out of this book came a tyrannical political system and a fanatical religious ideology called Islam. The word Islam means ?submission?.? The Quran also produced a brutal legal system called the Sharia.? Since the author of the Quran, a blood thirsty rapist, pedophile and slave owner named Muhammad, first began his homicidal mission ? to force the unbeliever to submit to Islam ? approximately 270,000,000 people have been killed in his name.

Today, the leader of the most powerful country in the world, Barack Hussein Obama, has declared Islam to be a religion of peace and told the United Nations that, ?The future has no place for those who would slander the prophet of Islam?.? We are in big trouble. The leader of the free world is more concerned with protecting the feelings of the followers of Muhammad than protecting the lives of his majority Infidel incumbents. Somehow in all that channel changing chatter, the voices are mostly absent which say that Infidel Lives Matter.

It is scary that Obama has said this. He is President of a democracy where Christianity and the existence or not of God can be mocked or debated freely yet he will not tolerate any criticism or ‘ slander’ of a religion created by a savage warlord, a pedophile and an owner of slaves. When I think of America I think of great men like Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Obama is a disgrace to America, a country that has always represented freedom to me. He and other foolish, (or perhaps complicit) leaders are acting like they have beaten woman syndrome and Islam is their husband.

“He doesn’t really mean it. ”

“He really loves me, it was my fault.”

“I shouldn’t have made him angry.”

“He is a good man really and provides for me and the children.”

“As long as I don’t upset him everything will be okay.”

“He is a gentle husband most of the time, when he gave me a black eye it was out of character ”

In fact this poster that was made to counter Domestic violence is just as applicable to the threat we all face from Islam today.


Remember, the word ?Islam? literally means ?submission? and its stated mission is to force the entire world to submit to Islam.? Remember that today Islam is the fast growing religion in the world, although a careful read of the Islamic scriptures makes it self-evident that Islam is really more of a political system, with some religious overtones. Remember and don?t forget that you are free to say whatever you want about Muhammad, in print in pictures and in film and you do not have to submit. Remember when they twist your words, tarnish your reputation, call you names and threaten your life that Infidel Lives Matter.

Over its 1,400 year bloody history, after the followers of Muhammad attack a land for Islam, they build victory mosques.? Since the Twin Towers were hit by devout Muhammad maniacs on 9/11 ? new mosque construction in America has nearly doubled! The writing is on the wall for all who have the courage to see.? This rapidly growing phase in the cultural expansion of Islamic Law in America is made possible by the silent voices ? the voices that should be shouting from the mountain top that Infidel Lives Matter, but instead would rather not know what a mosque even is…


I am sorry if some of you are sick of me labouring this point but I believe that Infidel lives matter. I cannot be silent.

I want my future grandchildren to know that I did not look the other way and passively surrender to a future for them of oppression and subjugation. The more that is written and put out there on the worldwide web the more chance there is of the message being shared and read.

The domestic violence slogan is, ‘? It ‘s not Okay .’

Making excuses for the violent husband that is Islam is not Okay.

Saying that he is at heart a peaceful husband while sporting, burns, bruises from stones, internal injuries from rapes….

It is not okay.

Islam has stated what’ he ‘ intends to do to his’ wife ‘ ( the Western world ) and how he will control and dominate her, taking away all her rights. Do we really have to wait until he finally beats her to death before we intervene?


I will leave you with these words from Eric Allen Bell’s facebook page:

Infidels of the world, it?s time to heed the call. The Information superhighway is our battlefront. Get onto Twitter. Get onto Facebook. Spread articles which tell the dirty secrets about Muhammad. Post videos which expose the radical truth about moderate Islam. Share offensive picture memes of Muhammad. Use social media to spread information around the world. You can do it and you must do it because freedom is paid for in installments, by each generation. Spread the truth about Islam far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm. The enemy of Islamic brutality is Information. Become a soldier of the Information Age and carpet bomb the internet with information. Don?t just think about this. Do it. Because Infidel Lives Matter.