Diabetes and a ‘miracle cure’?

Guest Post

Hi Pete & Cam, et al.

While I am not part of the ?Star? BG2 efforts, I would like to share something which has changed my life recently, in hope you, Cam & the BG2 Crew might find some value in it.

I expect Cam might wish to do his own ?homework? on this before he or you do anything with it.

I?d genuinely be interested in what he may be able to pick-apart, as to date apart from the odd ?nay-sayer? found on-line, I haven?t been able to find anything but positive stories and reports about how and what it has helped so many others with.

This product has been accepted for use by the International Olympic Committee, The European & USA ?Golf Tours, the International Power-Lifting Governing Bodies, and the NFL.

The Doctor who discovered the links between it?s active ingredients, won the Nobel Prize in 1998 for Medicine.

All the best, Paul.

Hi Guys,

I want to share my recent health story with you.

I became a Type 1 Diabetic when I was 24 following a wild-cat attack.

I was fit and healthy at 24, playing senior-level Rugby, Power-Lifting, Pig-Hunting and so-on.

For 21 years now, I have seen my health decline bit by bit each year as my blood-sugar levels are so hard to maintain correctly.

The reality for me and thousands of other Diabetics, is death by Cardiovascular Disease/Heart Attack or similar, usually earlier than the population without Diabetes.

3 months ago, we came across ProArgi9+ , we were told that it is a great way to improve your health with anything that requires good blood-flow, (so pretty much everything!).

Anyway I am a pretty big skeptic, but I said I would give it a go … 1 scoop mixed in water a day.

At my age (45), I am starting to feel the creeping fingers of my disease and I am prepared to try something which could stave-off the inevitable for a few years longer.

Within 3 days of starting this product, my wife & I felt different, hard to explain, but just ‘lighter’.

For 2.5 months we have taken 1 scoop a day, and I found that my Insulin requirement dropped by a couple of units morning & evening through the daily monitoring of my finger-prick blood tests.

This might be helping I thought.

A Doctor who endorses ProArgi9+ , suggested to me that I increase my dose to 2 scoops a day, 1 in the morning & 1 at night.

After 2 weeks of double dose ….

I have dropped my daily Insulin by 20% , and my finger-prick blood tests are looking ?stunning?.

On Friday just gone, I had my 6-monthly check-up with my Doctor.

She told me my blood tests were the best she has seen them while I have been going to her (since 1998).

My HbA1c has dropped markedly to 51 from previously at 73 – 78.

My Blood Pressure is now 126/76.

My LDL Cholesterol is 1.9 , my HDL Cholesterol 1.2

She said I was ‘Dangerously Close’ to being healthy.

There is still some improvement to be had, but I seriously have made the greatest improvements in any 6-month period.


This is life-changing for me, and quite possibly life-saving as well.

I am starting to believe that I will see my daughter get married & my step-son have kids of his own.

It is not just Diabetes that ProArgi9+ can help, there are a myriad of conditions that it has helped for millions of people around the world.

My wife also has seen marked improvements in her health, but for her privacy, I won?t divulge those here.


If you have health issues and concerns, I suggest you simply Google ProArgi9+ and have a read for yourself.

ProArgi9+ is not sold in shops, it is sold via a distributor network globally.

Called ?Multi-Level-Marketing? , I guess people would initially think of this as ?Pyramid-Marketing? , however I have not had any pressure put on me by the company to sell, sell, sell since becoming a distributor.

Nor have I had anything but support from those above me.

It appears the primary ?driver? by the company is to spread the word about how this has and can help so many people.


I am happy to explain further if someone wishes.

Please don?t take this as a ?Sales-Pitch? , it isn?t.

I decided if I can help 1 person by sharing my story, then I have done something worthwhile.


Cheers, Paul.






I would appreciate you not using my pseudonym of [redacted].

I don?t know how you would choose to IF you choose to,

But I am happy for my email address to be made available if anyone wants to contact me for more info.


Cheers again, Paul



If you want to email Paul, drop me an mail at [email protected]…. and I’ll forward it to Paul. ? This product isn’t endorsed by me personally or Whaleoil. ?The story is just shared because Paul found something that works for him and would like to raise awareness. ?And I’m happy to do that. ?Especially since Paul has taken?empirical daily measurements over an extended period of time, and the result is backed up by a GP – Pete