BG2: Week 4


Look at Cam shooting up the ranks… 3 weeks to go and he’ll hit his goal weight of 100kg. ?Of course, that’s just a sissy goal – he should be aiming for a lot less. ?But he can’t – he has to weight between 100 and 110 for the Fight for Life boxing bout with Jessy Ryder. ?Once that’s done, I’ll put the pressure on for him to lose the rest of his excess weight. ?After all, how else will he challenge Hager to a match?

Collectively, we’ve lost about 111.6 kg, or about 3.8 kg per person. ?That’s nearly two bottles of milk each we’re no longer lugging around all day and night.

I’m reluctant to call out individual achievements, as the people involved may not appreciate the spotlight, but I’m seeing some really exciting achievements this week.


I’ve now lost 7 kg and I can assure you I am already feeling heaps better. ?I’m not out of breath as quickly as I was a few months ago. ?At this stage I am at the weight I was when I started dieting last time. ? Then I dropped from 117 kg to 104. ?Right now 104 seems a dream, but I’m determined to push past it and see what life is like when I am not carrying 40 kg of excess weight around all day. ?It must feel like floating, especially as my legs are used to carrying the additional weight!

Once I get to 110kg I’ll introduct HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) just to get my general fitness level up. ?After that, I might actually have to go back to what I used to do: ?multi-day tramping and peak bagging. ?It’s been too long since my last summit.


I have a message for those that seem to not be losing a lot compared to others: ?YOU’RE LOSING WEIGHT!!! ?It isn’t a race with other people. ?As long as you, over time, are getting lighter, it doesn’t matter what pace you do it at. ?Apart from one (ahem), everyone has lost weight now. ?And that’s better than when we started four weeks ago.

Hang in there, and if you have questions, or need more support, or want to give others a boost of inspiration with a story, please chime in below.

– Pete