BG2: Week 5

I’ve had a dreadful week. ?Gone back a full kg. ?So today I’m back on the horse, but not in time to reflect it in the results.


Just a little warning to people who haven’t logged their progress this month – I’ll be removing you from the list to save you further pressure/embarrassment. ?If you get a 2nd wind, you can always add yourself back in.

I’ve hit the point where I would probably have given up if it wasn’t for my very public commitment. ?The initial excitement is gone. ?I’m getting very bored with drinking water all the time. ?And I’ve not been as disciplined in keeping the tiny little transgressions (that all add up) at bay.

However – time to harden back up and get back on the horse.


I do think that weighing every day is essential. ?You can be sliding backwards for quite a while if you don’t measure it.

So, I’ve let the team down a bit, but collectively we’ve now lost 127.7 kg, or approximately 4.3 kg per person over 5 weeks. ?That’s a very good amount of progress. ?If we can keep it up, and do another 4 or 5 kg in another month, things will start to get somewhere.

Here are the top 10 “big losers”


Awesome results. ?Keep it up!