BG2: Week 6


5.4 kilos per person, on average. ?A total of 141.5kg, which means we have lost more than a whole person between 26 of us. ?That’s pretty awesome.

I also note that everyone has lost something.

The mental grind may drag you down on a daily basis, especially if you yo-yo or plateau, but keep an eye on the long term gain too: ?any weight lost is a win.

Personally I am struggling to get weight off, even after three consecutive very low calorie days, I put weight back on the 2nd and 3rd day. ? It does my head in. ? The body is a mysterious system. ?But 8.9 kg is progress, so I will zoom out and take heart from that.

I’ve had emails from other blubbergeddonites that are experimenting with different foods, including special low carbohydrate flours for making bread and Japanese noodles that are essentially zero calories but give you a big plate of spaghetti and a full stomach. ? More about that later perhaps.

I think the message that this weight loss thing is a straight line process where you just do the same thing and the weight keeps coming off is pretty much debunked. ?We will all have experienced the disappointment of doing the hard yards without the results showing on the scales.

This is what the group is for – share the stories, share the ideas, and over time, share the wins.


– Pete