BG2: What happens when you lose all that weight?

As I might end up losing 40kg, this could be me too (apart from the boobs)


A Canterbury woman who documented online her two-year battle against obesity has called on her thousands of fans to help fight Christchurch Hospital’s decision not to go ahead with a “life-changing” operation.

Elora Harre wants the excess skin – which is the result of losing nearly 55kg – to be removed from her body.

The 21-year-old, who lost weight over two years through healthy eating and exercise, says the extra skin on her stomach, inner thighs, calves, lower back, arms, breasts and armpits is physically crippling and has taken a huge psychological toll on her life.

Ms Harre, a customer service representative, said she hoped her battle with the health system could help pave the way for other people in her situation.

Yesterday, she said she was called the “perfect candidate” for an operation to remove it by Christchurch Hospital’s plastic surgery team at a consultation, but was told the hospital did not have the resources to perform it.

Now, she has emailed the hospital’s general manager as well as Health Minister Jonathan Coleman asking them to reconsider her case and questioning why the operation was not available to her as a fit and healthy person.

I’ve got no problem with the idea that she may have to pay for her own surgery, but if the current rules allow for funding in cases like these, I do think that telling her that’s she’s eligible but won’t get it done due to resource constraints is pretty rough.

She clearly did all the hard work herself, and with continuous infections, this is a case that needs dealing with.

Perhaps it’s time she takes a loan out and gets it done privately. ?After doing all that hard work, and getting back into fantastic shape, she should make sure the job is completed.

On the other hand, I’m looking at those photos and I’m a bit worried about what will be hanging off me in the future… ?still. ?Better healthy and flappy rather than rotund and on my way to an early grave.


– Pete