Bill English sings from different SkyCity song sheet than Key and Joyce. What gives?

John Key says it’s all about Auckland not getting stuck with an ugly building.

Steve Joyce says it’s all about looking for a way around the problem.

Both refuse to rule out giving your money to SkyCity… for free.

But then there’s this

Bill English said using taxpayers’ money was a last resort and no one had come to him asking for it.

When the Government signed the deal with SkyCity in 2013 it was estimated the centre would cost $402 million.

“The National Party Government is not ruling out giving $100 million plus to a casino. That’s what’s on the table right now and you’ve just acknowledged you’re not ruling that out,” Dr Norman said.

“Well, no I didn’t say that. I said I’m not going to play the silly game of ruling in or ruling out,” Mr English replied.

“It’s not a silly game. This is $100 million of taxpayers’ money. It’s not a silly game Mr English. You’re responsible for the spending of taxpayers’ money,” Dr Norman said.

Outside the select committee Mr English said if the Government did decide to spend money on the centre it would have to come out of this year’s Budget.

“Depending whether it’s capital or operating it’s either from the $1 billion of operating spending or the $800 million of capital. One or the other. Both of them are pretty small pools relative to the demand,” he said.

Is this a case of Joyce and Key being good cops, and to save face, they have English running interference as bad cop? ? “Look SkyCity, you?know we would like to give you lots of free taxpayer money, but, you know, the Mrs says it ain’t on”. ?

Once again this was a clearly signaled issue from last year and it has been left to fester. ?Instead of putting out the embers, it’s now turned into a blazing inferno.

Bill English is basically saying that for SkyCity to get it’s free taxpayer money, other services have to miss out. ?There are schools with leaky building syndrome. ?There are?medical professionals that have earned a modest raise. ?There are people with material hardship that the Government would like to help.

And yet Key and Joyce are keeping the possibility for SkyCity getting our taxes alive.

What the hell is going on here?

…on Campbell Live, we asked viewers if public money should be spent on SkyCity’s Convention Centre.

More than 10,000 texts votes came in for a poll we hadn’t promoted before we went to air ? 97 percent of voters said no

Another ditch that National are dying an unnecessary death in.

I normally can see why, but this has me stumped. ?I’m starting to come up with tinfoil hat?theories and they lead me to the “C” word.


– 3 News, RNZ