Bradbury logic: NZTU biased because it didn?t complain about a story 4 years before


“Mana News? (that?s the website with the political party name in it?s name) is trying to claim the Taxpayers? Union isn?t politically independent.

In a blog post presumably written by Wrongly-Wrongson Martin-Martyn, it has called on the NZ Taxpayers Union?s Chief Executive Jordan Williams to resign because he hasn?t complained about National MPs which wasted money ?4 years before the organisation existed! ?

The Taxpayers? union is a complete fraud that it doesn?t make strong objections when Taxpayers? money is being squandered by National party MP?s here are some examples.

Mike Sabin??Costing the New Zealand taxpayer millions in a byelection by concealing allegations?that would prevent him from being the chair of the?law?and order select?committee and a member of parliament.

That?s funny, I could have sworn Jordan was on Newstalk ZB on Monday on that precise issue.

Judith Collins?Tax funded trip to China Collins made a detour to Oravidas office on the way to the airport for a cup of tea. she ?utterly and totally? rejected the allegations. In return Oravida made a $30,000 donation to the National party.

Opps, the groups Chairman blogged on the Collin?s affair and pointed out that the affair wasn?t actually about misuse of money.

Claudette Hauiti??Bought a Christmas trip to Australia using her parliamentary charge card her explanation was ?Well, no, I went to meet with Maori in Australia who were registered on the Maori roll.?

But I swear?Williams wouldn?t shut-up?about?this at the time.

Melissa Lee??Used Millions of dollars from her production company using NZ on air funding to pay for a promotional video for the National party.

Hang on, Mana News is complaining that the Taxpayers??Union, founded in October 2013, didn?t issue a statement about a Melissa Lee story from May 2009?

Back in September the TU published a list of all its press releases.

An analysis of our media releases shows that we have criticised the National led government more often than any other party or entity.

Of the 192 media releases made by the Taxpayers? Union since we started operations in October 2013, 121 media statements have been about central government of which 67 have criticised some aspect of the National Government?s policy and just 12 statements have supported a policy stance.

The figures for Labour are 9 statements against and one in favour; for the Greens it is four against and two in favour.

Wrongly-Wrongson wrong again.