The Bully Brigade, Ctd – News from the trenches

As is usual when I expose ratbags the tip line lights up with even more information.

Yesterday we covered the union bully boys in the Fire Service and how they are conducting a reign of terror amongst volunteer fire fighters.

Here are just a few from the tip line.

Hi Cameron,

I have just read your Fire Service piece today. Man you have hit the nail on the head. I am a member of a large Brigade and we are under constant threat from the supposed ‘Professional’ firefighters. All they want is more jobs for the brothers, to hell whether the community needs it or not. We do a damn fine job serving the community and having paid staff would actually decrease the level of service they end up getting. The Fire Service really is an absolute joke. While there are good Paid firemen, as far as I am concerned a lot of them are nothing more than that – paid firemen, not professionals. I have mates that are in the service and the way they can take sick days, days in lieu, double overtimes, callbacks, it’s sickening. And half the time they do 5/8’s of fuck all. Keep going with your pieces, you will uncover some atrocious behaviours.

And another:

Message: Regarding: Introducing the Bully Brigade: Crisis in Kaiapoi.
Please can you not refer to paid fire-fighters professional?fire-fighters, we are all professional. To differentiate please use?paid fire-fighters and volunteer fire-fighters.
I am a volunteer with 24 years service and yes there are a lot of paid?fire-fighters who are mongrels there are also many who are not.

And it appears that union bully boys are also operating within St John:

Message: Hi Cam

Well done on raising the issue of bullying in the fire brigade; the?same is true in St John, where Mr. Andersen [son of Bill] ensures the?unionised full-timers are never accountable for their actions. Very?rife in Hauraki/Coromandel where more than a dozen vollies have been?bullied out from Whangamata alone by a lone wolf full-timer sole?’manager’ and senior management are too scared of the Unite Union to?do anything.

Keep up the good work

So it seems we have picked the metaphoric scab off some rather nasty union bully boys operating seemingly with impunity…

More to come.