Canadian MP leaves The House to adjust his gruds

Although Winston highlighted his opinion that John Key’s drapes didn’t match the carpet, it seems in Canada the wrong kind of undies get in the way of the smooth running of parliament. ?

Free speech among the political establishment in Canada has a wide berth, with parliamentarian underwear becoming a focal point of discussion after one MP rushed out of a voting session, saying he could not sit any longer in his too-tight underpants.

Pat Martin, a member of Canadian House of Commons, was seen sprinting out of the chamber, as his colleagues rose individually to cast their ballot during a slow one-by-one voting session. Following a short leave, Martin was confronted about his absence by a rival MP forcing him to voice an unexpected excuse.

?I can blame it on a sale that was down at the Hudson?s Bay,? Martin, a member of Parliament of New Democrat party, explained to the audience. ?They had men?s underwear on for half price. I bought a bunch that was clearly too small for me and I find it difficult to sit for any length of time.?

Perhaps, in addition to asking John Key if he still TXTs me, or if his pubes are dyed the same colour as his sideburns, parliament should take an interest in the PMs underwear next time they thinks he’s acting under pressure.


– RT