Cellphones fry your brain…oh wait…no they don’t


The tinfoil hat brigade will tell you that cellphones give you cancer…and when you ask them for evidence they invariably have none but maintain they read it somewhere.

Well now you can read it here…cellphones do not give you cancer.

New research from the University of Auckland shows the risk of brain tumours cannot be linked with with increased mobile phone use.

Professor Mark Elwood, cancer epidemiologist at the University of Auckland, led research on the trends in primary brain incidence in New Zealand between 1995 and 2010. Results indicate there is no general increase in brain tumours as a consequence of using mobile phones.

Elwood?s team examined the frequency (yearly incidence) of brain cancers, both in total and in sub-types highlighted in some other studies, in New Zealand from 1995 to 2010 using data from the New Zealand national cancer registry. ?

The results show there is no obvious connection between mobile phone use and brain tumours.

?There has been no general increase,? says Elwood. ?In fact, for the wide age range 10 to 69 years, there has been a decrease of about 1% per year.?

Elwood notes on a global scale results from research on the correlation between mobile phone use and brain tumours have been inconsistent.

?Several major international studies have suggested either no risk or a slightly increased risk in high users, while some others have suggested substantial risks,? he says.

However, Elwood says the new research from the University of Auckland suggests previous reports of large increases in risk in mobile phone users are likely to be incorrect.

?This [study] adds to the evidence against there being a substantial increased risk in mobile phone users. This is consistent with most, but not all, similar studies done in other countries.?

If you will remember too we posted a?video recently which shows you the mathematical and physical improbability of cellphones being able to give you cancer.

Now if the tinfoil hat wearers could all go and protest how smart meters are causing mental distress.


– Netguide