A challenge to Canterbury Museum

Canterbury Museum has obtained permission from the Office of the Chief Censor to show a T-Shirt that has a Nun masturbating on one side and offensive words about Jesus on the other side. Permission was granted on the basis that it was within the context of the show.

My challenge to Canterbury Museum is this…

Run an exhibition about Art work and cartoons depicting Muhammad both in a historical and a modern context.See if the Office of the Chief Censor will give you permission to:

1) Run the show at all

2) Show offensive images

**Viewer warning, if you click on read more you will see three images of Muhammad . One? is an oil painting depicting a historical scene.The other is? a cartoon making fun of a historical fact ( that his wife was a 6 year old girl ) The last one is designed like the Nun T-Shirt with the deliberate intention of causing offence. Remember though that ANY image of Muhammad is claimed by Islam to be offensive.

1) Historical scene-from-a-muslim-slave-market-of-white-women2-otto-pilny

2) Modern

Aisha insults Prophet Muhammad cartoon3) Modern