Charter Schools are Cost Effective

A new State Primary School opened in Hamilton recently – Endeavour Primary School. No doubt needed and a good plan. In terms of costs:

– Set up costs approx. $21million

– Number of students at start – approximately 100 (eventually to be 600).

The PPTA/NZEI/Labour and assorted hangers-on?have banged on about how expensive Charter Schools supposedly are and have compared them, in their establishment phase to long established State schools.?

Can we have a first year per student cost for this school please Tom Haig and his pal?

Will Chris?Hipkins talk about the per student cost of this school in parliament and call it an outrage that so much has been spent on so few?

Charter Schools cost approximately $1million to set up and then are funded at decile 3.

Like most of the anti-Charter School nonsense – the comparative cost one has been fully exposed too.

But that doesn’t stop the teacher unions and their mouthpiece, the Labour party, continually lying to parents and voters.