Children aged five will have sex education classes if Labour wins election


Tristram Hunt said yesterday the subject would go on the primary school curriculum to tackle homophobic bullying.

The lessons are currently given only to children of secondary school age.

Labour sources said Mr Hunt, who is the party?s education spokesman, wanted ?age appropriate? teaching about sex and relationships to begin in key stage one, when pupils are aged five to seven.

They claimed the move would also help tackle the problems of domestic violence and rape in later life.

What is it with Labour parties that they just have to get stuck on polarising and vote losing issues like these? ? And worse, these ideas seem to ripple between Labour movements in other countries. ?

Margaret Morrissey of Parents Outloud said: ?We need to let children be children, particularly at key stage one, when many are still not very mature and may find this kind of material confusing and quite scary.

?Are we really saying that at the age of five, children have to put their childhood behind them and learn about all the things adults have to deal with?

That is not what parents want. I understand that politicians are looking for eye-catching ideas to win the election, but I would say to them, please don?t sacrifice our children?s innocence.?

It may be a good time to recall that our own Labour leader Angry Andy Little proposed that men, once accused of a sexually themed crime, were to be considered guilty, and then have to prove themselves innocent.

And they can’t figure out why they have lost connection with their voters.


– Daily Mail