Comment of the Day – Giving it to Grant Robertson

Today’s comment of the day is typical Taranaki clarity spoken by a cockie who works bloody hard and is sick of listening to career politicians telling him that despite a lifetime of dodging real jobs they know what is best for the real workers and businesses of New Zealand.

cows4me???What a load of unadulterated crap from another socialist tosspot. What I want Grant, are you listening, less compliance, less bureaucracy, less regulation, greater respect for property rights and my greatest wish, no more career politicians.

Spot on.

Thats what we all want.?

The whole idea of a Labour Party spokesman talking about the future of work and ignoring the nearly 1 million people who work in small business is a sad joke unless you are a Labour person who has never had to understand cashflow, working to make a profit and how annoying compliance is.

Labour has stated that they are focussed on small business and finding solutions for them, but they also promise to take away the one tool that has helped them…the 90 day bill.

Labour’s solution will of course be union centric despite the fact that since being given the choice to belong to a union Kiwi workers voted with their feet and abandoned union en masse. Union membership outside of the cloistered halls of the state sector is under 10% of the working population. Quite simply, Kiwi’s hate unions.

If Labour wants to get relevant to small business owners then they have to have someone who has at least missed their own pay so the workers payroll could be met….good luck finding one of them in Labour’s current caucus of luvvies, losers, career politicians and unionists.