Comment of the Day

bart jackson:

I just don’t get how people are so willing to sweep the whole Sabin chair of the law & order committee thing under the carpet with comments that they are bored.

To nail my colours to the mast I have always been a supporter of key and the current govt.

Now it may be because I know the general details of Sabins alleged behaviour so that colours my thinking but…. To me this isn’t just a wee oops by key.

This is a major lapse in judgement that actually has me concerned.

I am concerned because it seems to show a change in direction for this governments leadership style.

It signals a clear drop in standards about what is acceptable behaviour & how poor behaviour or problematic issues will be dealt with by the leadership, i.e. not clearly, concisely and rapidly.

It is a change that in my mind makes them vulnerable.

The die hard supporters may continue with blind faith and get bored, but I suspect middle NZ, or at least those who analyse things a bit objectively, may be getting that slight inkling in the back of the mind that something is not quite right here.

It seems to me that the wheels of the JK train are working a little loose & someone needs to step in and give the loco a decent maintenance check before the wheels fall off.

Keys handling of the Sky City mess just adds to that inkling.

This needs to be sorted because the last thing we need is the reigns of this country handed to Angry Andys rabble.

The summer break is long over JK, … sharpen up and focus on the job!