Comment of the Day



Mac50, on Auckland’s mind numbing decision to stop its citizens from getting to the top of the volcanic cones like generations and generations before them.

We wanted to go up One Tree [Hill] last night like we often have done in the past, to enjoy the awesome view one gets of the city at night, sparkling like the jewel it is.

As you can no longer drive up after dark, we parked at the Observatory and started to walk.

Had to give up though as it just feels so dangerous walking along the very dark, unlit path to the summit with no lights and who know who is lurking amongst all the trees.

Meaning, we are now denied ever being able to see the view at night again.

What sort of dumb idea is this then?

Future generations won’t know what a jewel we have as you can no longer get up there to see it! And we are fit, able trampers. What about all the less able bodied too …

Parking up on the top of One Tree Hill or Mt Eden has been a rite of passage forever. ?Yet another way to make Auckland more “livable”, I guess.