Compare and Contrast

One person didn’t pay someone who he hired, and he got away with explaining it as some obscure contracter related issue, and the other person didn’t pay someone he hired, and was fined $10,000.

The case of a Marlborough business owner ordered to pay more than $22,000 in unpaid wages to a migrant worker should be a warning to others, Labour officials say.

The Employment Relations Authority in Christchurch has also fined the employer, Ajay Gaur, $10,000.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Steve Watson, said the complainants, who worked at Mr Gaur’s vineyard, take-away and backpacker business, were not paid minimum wage or holiday pay and there were no proper time and wage records.

“We’d encourage migrant workers to come forward and call our 0800 number and also the message to employers is they will be caught and they can expect strong compliance action to be taken against them if they’re found to be breaching.”

Mr Watson said the penalty was fair and in line with other cases.

I think Angry Andy Little got off very lightly here.