Concrete Cancer Cover-up, Ctd – Core samples? Easy peasy

Core Samples from the Warehouse Pakuranga, Auckland

Core Samples from the Warehouse Pakuranga, Auckland

After reading the exclusive Concrete-Cancer Cover-up series, one of our eagle-eyed Whaleoil army member spotted something they thought we would like to see ? photos of where concrete core samples have been taken.

And this wasn?t overseas, this was right here in New Zealand ? at the Warehouse Pakuranga in Auckland.

Last week Winston Peters hammered Minister for Building and Housing Nic Smith over officials telling the Minister?s office that the $40.6m Manukau District Court rebuild has used dodgy cement and asked why core samples haven?t been taken.

It?s a good question that the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) gets very uppity about.

Just image if core samples of the taxpayer funded Manukau District Court building were taken and sent to an independent laboratory for testing and came back showing they have a problem. ??

Imagine the Government?s embarrassment if those independent tests showed high alkali content meaning the lifespan of the building is dramatically shortened.

Imagine what Winston Peters will say to Nick Smith then.

Sources in Wellington are saying Smith is wanting to be sure that he hasn?t mislead Parliament in his answers to Peter?s questions in the House, but he is also getting the right answers from his officials.

Relying on the so-called independent report (paid for by the company that imported the dodgy cement from Vietnam in the first place) that has now been exposed as ?conflicted and not independent? is not the answer.

Resolving this problem starts with taking core samples at the sites where it is known that Drymix cement was supplied to Techcrete Readymix Ltd and Concretec NZ Ltd which then went to Watts & Hughes Construction and Ebert Construction.

While the Government can?t order concrete core samples to be taken from private company sites like Fonterra?s $120m UHT plant in Waitoa, or Yashilli?s $250 million plant in Pokeno that used Concretec?s pre-cast concrete, it can order Watts & Hughes to take a sample from the taxpayer funded Manukau District Court building.

The question is whether Nick Smith wants to take that risk, or will he instead call for another report that doesn?t address a problem that isn?t going to go away.