Confirmed: Little makes up policy on the hoof – just like Cunliffe


Credit: SonovaMin


Labour really can’t catch a break. ?With Angry Andy they have gone from the frying pan into the fire:

Andrew Little made something of “a captain’s call” on Waitangi Day when suggesting notions of greater Maori sovereignty should not be dismissed.

The Labour leader was responding to questions from reporters about the Waitangi Tribunal finding last year, which concluded Nga Puhi chiefs did not cede sovereignty when they signed the Treaty of Waitangi.

Little said it could be worth looking at models around the world of other indigenous peoples’ self-governance.

I’m not disputing the scholarship of people such as Professor Paul McHugh or Dr Don Loveridge on whose research the tribunal report drew. I am disputing Little’s use of the captain’s call.

Okay, he didn’t exactly say “I’m sorry for being a Pakeha.”

But Maori sovereignty is just too sensitive an issue on which the captain, possibly the next Prime Minister, should start a conversation unless he has a very good idea of where it is going to end up.

What is it with Labour leaders that they aren’t trained to realise that it isn’t like being an MP? ?That?everything you say to?anyone will be dissected for inconsistencies and hidden meaning?

Little might also find that the rest of the world is interested in our own models of indigenous governance – Whanganui, Tuhoe, Waikato River not to mention the Ngati Porou and the Foreshore and Seabed law – before suggesting New Zealand need look elsewhere for models.

One of Little’s qualities is his decisiveness and straight talking which is more of a matter of style.

Little should not confuse that with feeling the need to have a substantive and decisive position on every issue.

It seems to me Labour don’t have a “so you are now a party leader” process.


– Audrey Young, NZ Herald