Council ratbags caught blocking emails

Auckland Council are simply shameless. They?ve been caught out blocking emails sent from ratepayers to councillors.

You might remember that back in December a campaign group called Democracy Action launched a tool so Aucklanders could email Len Brown and the rest of the Council about the can of worms that is the Auckland Unitary Plan. ?

It turns out that the bumbling bureaucrats have been blocking emails from people supporting the campaign.

It looks like that council doesn?t want councillors and local board members knowing that there?s a huge backlash to the extremely dodgy mana whenua provisions.

Bob Jones jumped on board with the campaign after the mafiaoso tactics of 13 different iwi groups protesting him replacing a window.

Imagine if John Key started blocking emails from lefties? The Twitterati and media lapdogs would be out howling with outrage.

It seems like Auckland council are just going from balls up to balls up while blocking anyone that might threaten to pull them up on it.

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