Critical analysis of the Herald on Sunday’s article about NZ converts to Islam

The cynic in me says it must have been a paid advertorial funded by a local Mosque but I have no evidence whatsoever to back that theory up. I will then assume that it is a feature article that is of interest to the Herald on Sunday’s readers.

When I see such a one sided promotion of Islam it upsets me. Complicit media helping to hide the truth about Islam angers me.

By all means discuss what the converts feel they get from the Ideology but what about what they lose? What about the elephant in the room, Islam’s attitude and total lack of tolerance towards Democracy, our legal system, homosexuals, Womens rights, children’s rights and non- muslims. What about their indoctrinated hate towards the Jews in particular?

I have read the article and summarised and crticised the key points made by the writer about Islam so you can quickly see the message that is being implied, as well as what is left unsaid.

1)More than 5000 Pakeha and Maori in New Zealand identify as Muslim and the number of people converting to the faith is growing.

Aeliya Hayat converted to Islam after living and working in Dubai, where she met her Muslim husband. Photo / Getty Images

Aeliya Hayat converted to Islam after living and working in Dubai, where she met her Muslim husband. Photo / Getty Images

2) Before she converted she had a selfish life. She had her own principles but no sound foundation.

The inference then is that Islam stops you being selfish and gives you a strong foundation

3) She had not embraced her families Christian beliefs.

4) She was exposed to Muslims when working in a Muslim country.She fell in love with a Muslim Man.

5) She had lots of questions and used to argue about everything and question everything until she understood.

6) She claims it was not forced on her and that she used her intellect and logic.

7) She gave up alcohol and changed her wardrobe.

8) It was hard and she wondered ” what am I doing ” but eventually she found peace.

9) Covering up makes her feel safe and secure.

The inference here is that somehow she is protected from rape and unwanted male attention because of her headscarf.

10) Islam has rules for everything including how to go to the toilet. She wondered about where is the freedom but then she accepted that rules like these are needed if you are to be human and not an animal.

Wow, this one really is a shocker as it reveals that she is giving up her freedom in exchange for restrictive rules that cover every aspect of life because she doesn’t believe that she is capable of making sound decisions for her life to prevent her from being an ‘ animal ‘ rather than a human. She is giving up her autonomy and belief in herself and is submitting to a set of rules removing her need to think for herself.

“I used to have a motto of just enjoy life. Friends knew me as such an outgoing girl with a career.

The obvious inference we can take from this quote is that she is no longer outgoing or enjoying life and has chosen to give up her career.

“Now it has turned upside down. I married at 21, have four children and now I’m a nice mother and housewife … it’s such a drastic change, you wonder how is that possible? But it’s possible if you take small steps one at a time, it becomes your nature, it becomes you.”

She has let an ideology dramatically change who she is. She has let an ideology tell her what to do and how to do it. She has taken on an ideology that tells her that her old happy life was wrong.


Hemi Taka converted to Islam first and his wife Debbie followed suit. Photo / Michael Craig

Hemi Taka converted to Islam first and his wife Debbie followed suit. Photo / Michael Craig

The transition wasn’t easy. Friends thought Taka was joking or going through a phase. “They’d call me a suicide bomber but I brushed it off. My wife used to laugh because I had to recite prayers in Arabic, she’d tease me when I was fasting.”

Again we are shown how difficult it is to submit to an ideology that requires you to make so many changes.

His wife, Debbie, eventually converted and his family came to terms with the change. Giving up drinking was a big deal for a guy used to socialising. “I finally gave up drinking in my second year of being a Muslim and I’ve only slipped up a couple of times.

If this convert was not living in New Zealand he would have been severely punished for his couple of ‘ slip ups.’ Converts in Western countries are not faced with the reality of Sharia law.

“I was so upset when I found out I couldn’t eat pork but after watching a few documentaries on pork and the health issues with it, I didn’t take much convincing.”

Again we see that Islam is all about giving up things that you enjoy. This convert has managed to convince himself of a rational reason for not eating pork when in fact the ancient reasoning behind the ban was based on issues no longer relevant in the modern world. Like the ideology itself, its rules are medieval in origin.

Many of the Islamic rules are basic common sense, Taka reckons. He says he’s a better husband, healthier and keen to spread the message about Islam. He hands out brochures at weekend markets.

Wow, how did the reporter let this comment slide unchallenged. I assume the reporter is as ignorant of Islam as is this new convert. Where to start on rules that are not common sense? How about child brides and Islamic acceptance of pedophilia? How about a wife having to submit to her husband? How about homosexuals deserving death? How about Jews being the enemy simply because the Koran tells you to hate them?How about Infidels ( non-muslims)? having to convert or die? How about him being allowed under the Sharia to beat his wife? Common sense? Maybe that is what attracted him to the cult in the first place.

( sarcasm )

“I’m still a normal Kiwi. I take the kids to the beach, eat icecream, go to the pools, but I pray five times a day and fast. It’s made us better people with better conduct.”

Apart from giving up alcohol which is only a problem if you drink to get drunk ,or drive drunk, what precisely has made him a better person? How does he treat people better or behave himself better? He is now part of an ideology that sees non-muslims as third class citizens. That does not make him a better person it makes him a bigot and a threat to non-muslims because of his new attitudes. What about the teachings to hate Jews? Does this make him an asset to our multi-cultural society?What about his new attitude towards homosexuals? What about his wife and daughters now having less rights than non-muslims. What about Brutal and barbaric Sharia law?

To be a good Muslim he cannot allow his daughters to marry a non- muslim though his sons can marry a non-muslim. How about that? Missing in action were important questions like these from the reporter. This kind of one sided reporting of Islam makes the Herald on Sunday complicit in an attempt to promote a religion/ideology that is totally incompatible with our democratic way of life.

” I kept thinking, ‘ Oh, he’ll get over this one.’ When he became Muslim I thought, ‘He’s really lost the plot this time.’

“It took eight months after Hemi converted to realise he’s not drinking any more, he’s spending all night talking to the brothers and getting to know more about the religion.

“He’s still never here – but he’s not coming home drunk and wasting money.”

The inference we can take from that is his partner was happy with his conversion because it stopped him coming home drunk and wasting money. What she has failed to grasp is that his conversion has led to her conversion which means a life of submission to both him and the oppressive rules of Islam. That is a huge price to pay for your partner giving up alcohol.

Despite her passion for the Islamic faith, putting on the hijab was another matter.

It took me about six months. I’m the chairwoman of the board of trustees at the kids’ school, the school netball coach, the SKIDS [out-of-school care] worker, the parent help. What would people say?

“I would wear it then get down the road and think, ‘I can’t do it’ and take it off.”

A friend asked who she was trying to please – other people or God. “I thought ‘that’s it, I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m not taking it off.’ This is me, if you don’t like me for this you’ve got the problem’.”

Of course it was difficult as she would have had to overcome her natural reaction to reject? being forced to do something that she would never choose to do unless compelled to. Like her husband who rationalised giving up Pork she rationalised her revulsion by telling herself that the problem was not her but other peoples reactions to her when she wore it. She turned her natural reluctance around, by telling herself that she didn’t want to wear it because of what other people thought rather than her own natural desire to be free.

Now the 34-year-old mother of five says she notices people treat her differently when her head is covered.

I wonder if this is part of the appeal?When you cover your head with a scarf you look different, you hold yourself apart from society. It is like a gang patch, saying I am special I live my life differently to you. Islam is a supremacist ideology. It teaches that you are better than others, superior because you are a Muslim. It tells you that non-muslims are of lesser value. It is a totally intolerant cult.

“It’s the Kiwi way to shake hands with men [which Islam does not permit].

“I have to meet so many Ministry of Education people at the school and it’s like they already know, they’ll say, ‘Oh, we know not to shake your hand.’

“I smile. I think people are becoming more educated.”

Well that is just marvelous. She is a born and bred Kiwi and instead of becoming a Kiwi Muslim she is now a Muslim only. Muslims do not assimilate into western cultures. Even converts from Western cultures reject western culture. Refusing to shake hands is yet another ridiculous rule. Note that not one of the rules mentioned in the article were moral or ethical rules to improve a person’s character. No, Islam will tell you how to wipe your bottom, how to cover your head, what not to eat and drink and how to insult someone trying to shake your hand. Love and Peace and tolerance? Nah, that’s for Infidels, Infidels whose tolerance, political correctness and ignorance allows the Supremacist ideology that is Islam to flourish.


– Herald on Sunday