Cut the Crap, Andy

Andrew Little made his mark towards the end of parliament last year by telling John Key to cut the crap over his obfuscations under questioning.

Now it is him under the cosh about what he knew, when.

He needs to follow his own advice and cut the crap.

So far the story has been, that it is paid (only after Steve Joyce busted him), and that it wasn’t a worker, but a contractor…now we get the brain fade excuse.

Asked whether he would be surprised to learn Mr McCarten had known a month earlier, Mr Little said “yes, that would be a surprise to me.”

Mr Little said the first he knew that the invoice was not paid was at the end of January.

He had asked for the invoice and paid it on Tuesday this week – the same day Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce mocked him in Parliament for it and almost three weeks after he was told about it.

Mr McCarten did not wish to comment today, but Mr Little defended him, saying the campaign was his own responsibility and was in his capacity as a Labour Party member rather than the leader or an MP. “He [McCarten] was caught in the middle of volunteers trying to sort out a situation.”

He admitted there had been a delay “but once I knew there was an invoice, I paid pretty much as quickly as I could.” ?

Mr Cohen had approached Mr McCarten directly after several failed attempts to get payment from Mr Little’s volunteer campaign manager.

The email chain, obtained by 3 News, shows Mr McCarten replied that he would take it up with Mr Little. However a fortnight later on January 5, Mr Cohen again emailed Mr McCarten to say he had not been paid. Mr McCarten, a former unionist, replied he would make it a priority: “every worker must be paid for work they are asked to do.”

Mr McCarten said it was not his role, given it was not Parliamentary or even party related work.

Ahhh but he’s a contractor not a worker, said no union boss ever…oh wait.

Now McCarten is also using weasel excuses saying it wasn’t his job. Of course it wasn’t he was busy cleaning up the trail of evidence of his involvement in Dirty Politics to worry about ensuring that “every worker must be paid for the work they are asked to do.” Mind you relying on a tax dodger to pay the bills was always fraught with danger.

Watch the next attack come on Cohen himself for daring to ask to be paid for his work. Nobody does nasty like the left. Cohen will be accused of setting up Andrew Little, despite being asked to do the job in the first place.

You really do have to wonder what sort of thinking is going on in leadership of Labour that they hired an NBR journalist in the first place…hell’s teeth they’d have better to have hired me…or Simon Lusk.

The only problem with that is I would have charged Andrew Little way more…but the first problem would have been our?”No Dickheads” rule. We?simply won’t work with dickheads and so any possibility of Andrew Little hiring us?would have been dead from the get go.

Andrew Little really needs to follow his own advice and cut the crap.


– NZ Herald