Dimpost: “random bewilderingly stupid sh*t for no comprehensible reason”

What do you mean I have to pay my bills?

What do you mean I have to pay my bills?

Danyl at Dimpost offers his opinion on Andrew Little’s bill paying methodology:

If I could distill?the Labour Party?s woes over the last six years into just two words, I?d probably choose ?bewildering stupidity?. The causes are manifold and complex, but the symptom is that Labour and its leaders often do?bewildering, obviously stupid things despite the fact the things they are doing are obviously stupid. Think about David Shearer holding up dead fish in Parliament as his poll ratings flat-lined, or Goff dying his hair orange the day before making a major speech, or Cunliffe railing against secret trusts while financing his leadership campaign through secret trusts . . . The list is very, very long. And today:

Labour leader Andrew Little has hurriedly paid an overdue bill but apparently only after the Government used it to embarrass him in Parliament.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce attacked Little over his stance on employment law changes after revealing Little had not settled his bill with National Business Review columnist David Cohen.

Writing in the NBR last week Cohen confirmed he did paid work for Little to help him secure the Labour leadership but four months later was still waiting for the cheque.

It was incredibly stupid and he has no one to blame but himself…as usual though there will be some poor muppet of a volunteer who will get shoved under the next approaching bus.

It seems?obvious (to me) that hiring a right-wing columnist to do your PR?while you campaign for the leadership of a left-wing political party could go wrong in all sorts of ways. Being a former unionist?Little has contrived for it to go wrong in a way that makes him look like a total hypocrite, by?not paying Cohen, which gave?Cohen?ammunition for a column in the NBR and Stephen Joyce a way to mock the new Labour leader?in Parliament and embarrass him on the evening news. I mean, doesn?t the former boss of the EPMU have an old and trusted ally to help him with his PR? Apparently not, but why not?

Sure, this isn?t?as egregious as National?s Sky City deal, or sending our troops to Iraq so we can stay ?part of the club?. But Key, Joyce et al have reasons for the questionable stuff they do. They have agendas. It?s deliberate; calculated. They have reasons! Labour just does random bewilderingly stupid shit for no comprehensible reason. All the time. People write columns about how Labour should ?move to the center?, or the left or whatever, but?addressing the bewildering stupidity issue should be their primary goal.

It makes our wonderful cartoon by Sonovamin seems so much more accurate doesn’t it?