Dirty Media

Apparently when I publish publicly available information from QV and other public sources as to the address, value and other information about a ‘journalist’ who likes to do the same thing to the subjects of his book it is a gross invasion of privacy that requires public sanction, official complaints, and complaints to other bodies as well. All despite the fact that the same ‘journalist’ is listed in the public directory, the electoral roll plus submissions to parliamentary select committees that all publish the same address for the world to see.

I look forward then to the left wing blogs, David Fisher, John Drinnan, Matt Nippert and John Campbell all being outraged over the publication of the private details of Mark Hotchin, his wife, and his assets all over the Herald on Sunday today in a rather derogatory article designed to continue the vilification of a man who still remains uncharged for any crime and despite that has his assets still sequestered by the same judge who let Kim Dotcom splash the cash despite him actually being charged with real crimes.

For most people, shelling out $3.4 million on a plush Waiheke Island pad would be trading up.

But for former Hanover Group director Mark Hotchin it seems a case of trading down.

In November, Hotchin family trust KA No 3 bought 74 Korora Rd, Oneroa, for $3.4m.

The purchase comes after the same trust sold an exclusive 4.5ha property at nearby Boatshed Bay for $14.25m three months earlier.

The property at 46a Matapana Rd, Boatshed Bay, sold well above its July capital valuation of $13m.

Real estate agent Harry Howe would not comment on the new pad at Korora Rd, but marketing brochures described panoramic views over Owhanake Bay and the Hauraki Gulf to Little Barrier Island.

And they drag up greedy losers who gambled their future for a few extra percentage points on their ‘investment’.

The Waiheke Island purchase was criticised by a former Hanover investor who lost his life savings of $430,000 when the company collapsed in 2008. About 16,000 investors lost more than $500m after the failure of Hanover and the sale of its assets to Allied Farmers.

George Craddock, of Waihi, said news of the Waiheke Island purchase left a sour taste. The Herald on Sunday could not contact Hotchin for comment. His accountants said he was overseas.

I’ll bet you George Craddock actually voted for the deal with Allied Farmers that saw them rapidly devalue the assets and off load them at fire sale prices. It was Allied who actually cost these fools their cash…that and their gambling nature of ‘investing’ in high risk ‘investments’.

The hypocrisy and sanctimony of the NZ Herald and their “decent journalists, trained and skilled” is exposed daily.

We won’t hear a peep out of the conspirators at The Standard or The Daily Blog about this outrage…no it is only an outrage when one of their own is highlighted for his ratbag behaviour and hypocrisy.


– Herald on Sunday