Do you now, or have you ever had, an “escape fund”?

It is an interesting concept: ?being in a relationship but planning for the day it ends.

The key to a happy marriage is supposed to be not keeping any secrets from one another.

So perhaps that explains the very guilty secret one in ten of us has ? a stash of cash kept hidden from our partner in case we want to flee the relationship.

And according to the survey that revealed these ?escape funds?, men are more likely than women to have accumulated them.

Eleven per cent of men admitted they had hidden cash away so they could leave, compared with 8 per cent of women. The average amount in these secret accounts is?$15,000

The Money Advice Service questioned 2,000 adults, three-quarters of them married and the rest in long-term relationships.

Those living in the West Midlands and London were the most likely to say they are sitting on a secret escape fund ? one in six, compared with around one in 30 in Northern Ireland and one in 25 in the South West.


Nearly a fifth of those surveyed admitted to a different financial secret ? they said they had hidden their debts from their partner.

Of those who were married, 24 per cent said their spouse would be ?upset, angry or surprised? if the true state of their finances was revealed to them.

The average couple has around 39 arguments about money every year, the study found. Londoners have the most frequent finance-related rows, typically having 53 arguments per year.

One a week! ?My gawd.

?It may be upsetting to find out your partner is hiding money from you, but finding out they are in significant debt could be much worse,?with consequences for your own finances.’

Mr Hill said money should not be a taboo subject, adding: ‘It is vital to talk about your financial position as soon as you feel comfortable, ideally, before you become financially connected to your partner.

Do you fall in one of these two categories? ? Having a secret escape fund or hidden debts?


– Daily Mail