Dodgy ratbag council is as dodgy ratbag council does

It appears that the corrupt Auckland Council are donkey deep in making things easy for themselves whilst making it hard from anyone else to do anything at all.

The vote to make expansion of the container terminal a discretionary activity, that in turn makes consenting easy and possibly non-notified, is marred with all manners of agenda.

Firstly Ports of Auckland is owned by Auckland Council and the dividend paid to the Council is an obvious benefit that by default creates a conflict of interest.

But there is even more agenda at play.

In the same development committee meeting the Councillors had two topics for discussion being:

1. The now known activity status for reclamation of the port;

2. proposals to investigate changes to the CBD waterfront – but more specifically – Captain Cook Wharf.

Now call me cynical, but it would appear that Council is not only making the consenting of reclamation easier, but that Council has a reason for wanting to do that. ?

Reclamation allows for activities to be displaced to the reclamation area. But from where?

Oh. Of course. Captain’s Cook Wharf.

So really, what Council has done is set up to make it easy for Ports of Auckland to consent reclamation, that in turn will result in relocated services to that reclamation area thereby freeing up the wharves immediately in front of the CBD so that Auckland Waterfront – Council’s own development agency in that part of town – can freely develop the wharves.

Whilst nobody would be opposed to redevelopment of the wharves and the opening up of the space – the fact is that the Council’s own planning manager Penny Perrit is on the record saying that it was legally indefensible to make the activity status of the reclamation ‘non complying’.

I smell a rat and its quite a repugnant one.

This is a con of the highest order. If be surprised if the owner operators of Bayswater Marina, Westhaven Marina, West Harbour marina, Pine Harbour Marina and other locations would be provided with a discretionary activity status where it concerns reclamation.

In fact I’d bet it would be highly opposed.

Hypocrisy and rank corruption is rife in Auckland Council.