Dodgy Socialist Dam Promoters gets it in the arse Again

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The dodgy socialists promoting the dodgy socialist dam got hammered again in the recently reconvened meeting of the Board of Inquiry.

These ratbags never seem to learn, even after they lost in the High Court and had to pay costs to appellants.

The BOI told the socialists to bugger off when they tried to introduce new evidence that would allow them to turn the Tukituki toxic. ?

They wanted to change the in stream nutrients measurement from a limit of 0.8 mL of dissolved nitrogen to a ?target? using a macro invertibrate index or MCI.

This ?target? would have allowed them to soften the pollution limits in the Tukituki, but the Board of Inquiry weren?t interested, which isn?t surprising after they got nailed in the High Court.

So the socialists cannot get the pollution limits increased, saving the Tukituki River from being turned toxic. This will cause them problems when it comes to getting more money to continue the project past the time they run out of money, at the end of March.

Someone should be asking what Andrew Newman is doing getting paid over $1000 for running a socialist scheme that will never work.

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