Is the Dodgy Socialist Dam Rooted?

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

Councillor Tom Belford of the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council went along to see the Board of Inquiry give the council staff and contractors a good clip around the ears.

Yesterday the Tukituki Board of Inquiry (BOI) rejected HBRC?s proposed approach to addressing the river?s water quality, and in so doing, dealt a major ? perhaps fatal ? body blow to HBRIC?s proposed dam.

Not a real surprise, as HBRC and its slow-learning legal and planning advisers were simply trying to end-run a position the BOI was already committed to (and a position affirmed by the High Court).

Slow learning council staff suggests that if the current five socialist councillors who are supporting the dam don?t survive the next election there might be some ritual sacrifice of useless staff. The staff have been hammered repeatedly from the time they had to contest their ideas with a referee, rather than being able to bully stakeholders. ?

Throughout the HBRC-touted ?stakeholder? process on the dam, chaired by pre-Councillor Hewitt and chaperoned by Councillor Scott, environmentalists were ignored. The Council viewed their mere attendance as ticking the box for consultation. Consequently the revisionist HBRC account of that process omits the fact that all the environmental participants refused to endorse the final report! I was one of those.

Was there a warning sign there?

Nonetheless, the HBRC effectively said ?Get stuffed? to the environmentalists. ?Fight us at the BOI.?

And now ? three times by my count?(twice via the BOI and once in the High Court) ? the environmentalists have successfully said in return: ?No,?you?get stuffed!?

Word from Hawkes Bay is not only that they are saying get stuffed, they are also saying ?We know we will win in court so give us what we want or we will go straight back to court?. And they are also saying ?We know you are running short of money so if we delay the dam much longer it will fall over:

By the sounds of things the ritual sacrifice of council staff is going to be pretty spectacular. And remember CE Andrew Newman is getting paid $1000 a day for not getting a dam built, and five councillors voted for an $80000 bonus this time last year.