Dodgy socialist dam running out of time and money

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

As regular readers will know the extremely dodgy Hawkes Bay Regional Council has been struggling to get their dodgy socialist dam off the ground for a long, long time.

Unfortunately for the promoters of the dam they have managed to alienate just about all serious stakeholders, who are now completely unwilling to work with the council in good faith.

This wouldn?t have occurred if the socialists hadn?t done things like refuse to release their extremely dodgy model to submitters until forced to by the courts, or complaining about stakeholders staff.

The socialists were handed their arse by the High Court, with that court finding in favour of appellants on all 12 grounds and awarding them costs. So they have been sent back to the board of inquiry.

Now the socialists are worried that they will be further delayed by people they have treated badly for years, people who will hold up the dam because they don?t like the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council staff or councillors. ?

A lawyer for the regional council and HBRIC, Trevor Robinson, told yesterday’s hearing the board needed to set clear “demarcations of how long parties have to confer” ahead of its new deliberations.

Mr Robinson said HBRIC had “a very real concern” about “gaming of the consultation process designed to frustrate the RWSS”.

If the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council had shown any sense of reasonableness in the eyes of stakeholders there may be some willingness to negotiate or work with the council.

Unfortunately the abrasive nature of the council staff means that no one really wants to work with them, so delays are inevitable. You can?t force people to go to court to get information like the TRIM model, and then expect them to play nice later.

The other problem for the socialist dam promoters is that the clock is winding down. They are going to run out of money, and either have to get some more from Crown Irrigation, or an external investor, or the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council ratepayers.

HBRIC has given itself until the end of March to achieve “financial close” on the project, otherwise it will need to source additional funding from the council or elsewhere to continue its work on the project.

The other problem for the dam promoters is that forces opposed to socialism are marshalling to ensure socialist councillors get run out of town at the next election. So delays do not have to be very long to completely kill the project, especially when there are well funded and well organised anti-socialists in Hawkes Bay ready to end political careers.