Does John expect a message from John? Media want to know

Prime Minister John Key believes that now New Zealand has committed troops to the fight against IS, we could be next to receive a message from the man known as ‘Jihadi John’.

“Well I can’t rule [that] out – what would be more likely in the first instance is some sort of threatening video,” says Mr Key.

So Kiwi John is ready for Jihadi John.

There have been at least six recorded beheadings so far. British aid worker Alan Henning was one, and his family want much more than the unmasking of Jihadi John. Mr Henning’s daughter has called for a “bullet in the head”.

Japan didn’t even send troops to fight IS – just money for humanitarian aid. Yet within days Jihadi John hit back with a video showing two hostages and a ransom demand.

Japan didn’t pay, and the hostages were beheaded.

So there you go. ? 1) They’ll take hostages from any nation. ?It’s all about opportunity. ?2) ?You never pay a ransom. ?Never. ?

Mr Key said New Zealand would never pay a ransom if a Kiwi was held hostage.

“We don’t pay ransoms because we put at risk every other New Zealander if we do,” said Mr Key.

The beheadings are all aimed countries that don’t pay ransoms – it’s a club, and Australia is part of it too.

“Australia does not as a matter of principle pay ransoms for hostages; it would only be providing funding for a terrorist organisation,” said the country’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop.

It’s been three days since the announcement and there is still yet to be a video or reaction from IS. If it does come, we now know who Jihadi John is, but we don’t know what he’ll threaten to do.

was quiet – not reserved, but quiet – he had a lot of friends and he was very social,” one of them said.

But they said he was always kitted up ready for war and he earned a reputation for being fearless, even in the face of the Free Syrian Army.

Emwazi is thought to still be in Syria, but whether security services have been able to pinpoint his exact location is unclear.

Does anyone care? ?The message is to spread fear. ?Jihadi John can lob off a dozen heads and dedicate it to New Zealand, and it wouldn’t cause troops to be withdrawn. ? All it would cause is the left to start whining and start a nauseating ‘told-ya-so’ campaign to try to destabalise the government. ? Nothing to do with Iraq as such.

It’s somewhat frustrating that the likes of 3 News are pestering John Key with this sort of questioning. ?They are salivating at the mouth for someone to have their life taken in John Key’s name – it’s going to be great for ratings.


– Patrick Gower, Melissa Davies, 3 News