Dominion Post continues government bashing

Good grief, has the DomPost?decided to take the crown from the NZ Herald? ? Here we go with another hit piece, this time not on Charter Schools but on the governments Housing New Zealand stock rationalisation programme.

The foster father of a severely disabled man fears their lives will be torn apart if their home for 20 years is sold by the Government.

God give me strength. ? They’ve found an adult disabled man with a foster father as a stick to hit the government with.

Danny Cubis says 33-year-old Corey has high needs, does not speak and needs fulltime care. To thrive he needs a strict routine.

“I’ve taken years of my life to improve his life,” Cubis, 51, of Cannons Creek, Porirua, said. “If we move from here, my 20 years of hard work will go out the window.”

Right. ?Twenty years of hard work are all to do with the house they live in. ?None of the furniture they can take to a new house. ?He himself will turn into another person that Corey won’t recognise.

He said he had been told by a Housing New Zealand staff member that his home could be among the 1000 to 2000 state homes to be sold off over the coming year.

Could be. ?It’s not even on the list of properties. ?But hey, let’s get the hankies out.

A Housing NZ spokeswoman said no decision had been made about whether state houses in Porirua would be part of the Government’s planned selloff.

But Cubis continues to worry. “It’s not plain, cleancut with Corey . . . He’s used to this and he doesn’t like change.”

Mr Cubis, here’s something you might not have realised before. ?But we all don’t like change. ?And yet we can’t stop it. ? I had all my emails stolen last year. ?They put some of them in a book, then they tried to bring a government down with them. ? I can assure you, I didn’t like that change. ?I had to adjust too. ?It’s called life.

Over 20 years, he has looked after the house like his own, painting the bathroom and planting a garden of fruit trees and vegetables as therapy for his son. “We’ve invested time and money.”

Well done. ?Appreciate the fact you treated our house with respect. ?And guess what? ?If, IF, IF … in the event that you are asked to move on, we, the nice tax payers, will be very happy to give you another house to make your own.

Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett said the most vulnerable people would be looked after.

“I’m committed to supporting vulnerable people, and every care and protection will be offered to those affected.”

You can bet your bottom dollar that Mr Cubis and Corey will continue to be well looked after. ? In the event they do have to move, that is.

But you know, it wouldn’t be much of a hit piece if they didn’t find a disabled man with a foster father to use as victims of the nasty Nats asset sales that haven’t even been planned for his area, let alone the house he lives in, eh?

This is a complete non-story beat-up in quite a series now by the DomPost.


– Rhiannon McConnell, The Dominion Post