Dotcom’s poo-finger continues to strike Mega



Everything that Kim Dotcom touches eventually turns to poos.

There isn’t a single thing he has done in his life that has lasted, except of course his continued expansion of stomach and his criminal record.

Now Paypal have turned on him and Mega.

German internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has been dealt another financial blow after PayPal stopped processing customer payments for his cloud storage site MEGA. The companypublished a blog post on Thursday that said payments have ceased with immediate effect.

In the post, MEGA states that it?s aware of a recent report that claimed the business isn?t legitimate, which in turn led Visa and MasterCard to put pressure on PayPal to block its service to MEGA. It harks back to Dotcom?s previous hosting website Megaupload,?shut down in 2012?after being linked to online piracy. It was once one of the most popular websites in the world. ?

The company refutes claims that it linked to piracy, and writes that it operates in the same way as other storage services such as those run by Google, Dropbox, and Apple. TorrentFreak reports that PayPal has actually apologised to MEGA for the blocks, and acknowledges the site?s legality.?

This is just the latest in a string of money troubles for Dotcom. He has asked the High Court in New Zealand to release some of his $US12 million in assets so that he can pay his rent, legal fees, and grocery bills, Radio New Zealand reports.?His money was frozen three years ago when he was first arrested.

Dotcom discussed his financial worries in November via a Skype call with a technology conference in London. He claimed that he?s ?officially broke,? blaming his financial problems on a $US10 million legal bill that he?s still struggling to pay.

Most people when they are struggling to pay bills like rent tend to move to more modest accommodation. I’ve had to do that several times in my life…when we were expecting a baby and moving onto one income…and later due to my depression and the actions of an insurance company.

Kim Dotcom though thinks he can continue to live in a house that costs $100,000 per month to rent and to swan around in leased vehicles and not pay his lawyers…and that he should be entitled to do so.

Perhaps it is time for Simply Gruesome to man up and force the fat man into bankruptcy and let the Official Assignee pick through his “assets”.


– Business Insider