Down with this sort of thing


Family First have decided to call for a boycott of the 50 Shades of Grey movie…?sigh

Social conservative group Family First wants New Zealanders to boycott upcoming R18 movie Fifty Shades of Grey, saying it “glamourises sexual violence”.

The group’s director, Bob McCoskrie, joins a worldwide backlash, including Malaysia’s government banning the film, which claims the book and movie normalises violent and abusive relationships.

Outspoken critic and psychiatrist Miriam Grossman has been writing a “parent survival guide” for Fifty Shades of Grey and says the book and movie is harmful to teenagers.

“Fifty Shades of Grey teaches your daughter that pain and humiliation are erotic, and your son, that girls want a guy who controls, intimidates and threatens. In short, the film portrays emotional and physical abuse as sexually arousing to both parties,” Dr Grossman says.

As it is an R18 movie, it shouldn’t be teaching your?son or your daughter anything at all, unless you can’t control what they watch, and then you have bigger problems. ?

Mr McCoskrie instead wants people to donate what would be their admission fee to a local womens refuge.

“A woman who is humiliated, abused, controlled, entrapped, coerced, manipulated and tortured is somehow an ’empowered’ woman. And a man who is possessive, controlling, violent, jealous and coercive is somehow showing ‘true love’,” says Mr McCoskrie.

“These are foul and dangerous lies.

“[It] simply glamorises sexual violence and should be rejected by everyone who is concerned about family and sexual violence.”

Not speaking from personal experience, but pain, humiliation and bondage are things people voluntarily submit to, and it isn’t a male-does-it-to-female thing. ?There are some pretty well-off and powerful men that like to be kicked around by a woman, just quietly.

Even so, none of these kinds of protests have ever done anything other than cause the movie to be seen by more people. ? It even has a name: ? The Streisand Effect.