If she ever had the “plot” Catherine Delahunty loses it

It is bizarre, but consistent, that Catherine Delahunty is the Education spokesperson for the Greens….she is also the Member from Mars.

Here?she loses the plot at a Charter School and then decides that the whole model needs to go – despite the many successes and the growth already.

She has missed several points.

The problem she tries to exploit was created by the systems of a state integrated school and their delays with submission to an official body (the very type of schooling and system she half-wittingly advocates).

The Charter school closely followed all recommended processes and gets glowing reports from official bodies. She may even note that parents clearly think they have high credibility and can do what schools are meant to do – educate their children (as opposed to Green indoctrination).

Then again the Greens are against people making any choices for themselves – they know better. ?

In December she lied about visiting a Charter School.

I bet she has not checked with this one as to what their processes are or how they deal with things.

With Delahunty facts get in the way of the fiction that is inside her head.

She is welcome to respond here to document communications she has had with the school to ensure she has repented from previous habits and is now being truthful.

She may also want to explain how is it that an MP has such disrespect for privacy and process (ironic – I know – coming from a Green) that she is prepared to comment on a confidential stage of a process between St Peters College, an individual and the Teachers Council.

Is she sure of her facts given that her statement is outside of parliament? Has she got decent legal representation?

Is this the first sign of an even more rudderless Green Party?