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(From left): Miranda Scott-Simmonds with baby ‘Z’, daughter Dillon and husband Jacob. Photo / supplied


Welcome to the world Z.

Your rapid entrance at a Z service station in Mount Maunganui yesterday will be a tale told at your 21st and for many years to come. I do hope it stays your nickname only though, as there are some poor souls who have been named after bus stops where they were born so I hope you avoid that fate. Still, Zee has a cute ring to it and you come from a very cute family so maybe it will suit you after all.

Enjoy your life




The parents of a baby girl born in a petrol station forecourt this morning have nicknamed her ‘Z’ until they decide on her name.

The 8lbs 7oz (3.82kg) baby was born at a Z service station on Hewletts Rd, Mt Maunganui, about 8am after 35-year-old mum Miranda Scott-Simmonds’ labour progressed quicker than expected…

…”My waters broke around 6am this morning. We thought we had heaps of time to get organised and had been expecting a longer labour and birth because Dillon’s had taken 25 hours.
But this morning the first contraction was at 6.45am and the baby was born at 8am.”

Husband Jacob Scott-Simmonds, 34, described it as a “pretty manic” day.

After Miranda experienced her first couple of contractions, he “basically went shotgun approach” and threw some bags together to take her to the hospital.

“The next battle was to get Miranda down the stairs and into the car. By the time we were backing out of the garage she was saying she wanted to push and I was telling her not to,” Jacob said.

“You really couldn’t print what her response was to that bit of advice. It wasn’t friendly.”

He “pretty much just had to reverse out into the [rush hour] traffic”, getting abuse from frustrated drivers, he said.

“We got to the KFC roundabout and it was obvious we weren’t really going to make it. So I called Gillian [the midwife] again and we had her on speakerphone in the car. I think my comment to her was, ‘this s*** just got real’.”

Gillian told them to pull over, while she called for an ambulance to meet them at the Z service station.

“It felt like an age for the ambulance to get there, but in reality was only a few minutes,” Jacob said.

“By this stage Miranda was crowning so the ambos arrived in the nick of time. We rolled her out of the car onto the stretcher and five minutes later in the ambulance the baby arrived.

“I didn’t have a clue what was going on to be honest. I was in the back of the ambulance thinking ‘Holy, this was not the birth plan’.”

He praised the paramedics as being “absolutely awesome”.

“I was able to cut the cord as well.”

The couple, who run the Nyne clothing label in Mt Maunganui, have been together 14 years, and married for four. They have a 2-year-old daughter called Dillon, but have yet to decide on a name for the latest addition to the family.

“We haven’t named our new daughter yet, but she’s already been nicknamed ‘Z’,” Jacob said.

“A couple of my friends have asked me whether we got free pies at the service station.”

The couple also wanted to thank their midwives, the paramedics who helped deliver little ‘Z’, and the hospital staff…

“Everyone’s been great,” Jacob said.