Face of the day


Tova O’Brien political reporter

Today’s face of the day is Political reporter Tova O’Brien. She wrote an article to accompany the TV 3 News clip about one of the hottest political debates from 2014 and now 2015 also.

I have in the past simply read the article below clips like these as they tend to be fairly accurate representations of what is in the clip, right down to the quotes of what people in the video actually said. This time however one person who was asked a question in the video was totally left out of the written version though the other two people were not. I can guess why she did this and kudos to her for not misleading the public like the editor of the video clip did.

You may wonder why the third person was included in the clip but was not included in the written article?

It seems to me that they were included in the clip because the tricky way it was edited made the Politician appear to be saying something he actually wasn’t. It was a deception that they could get away with easily in a clip that most people do not have time to scrutinise carefully. Tova however, did not include his ‘ quote ‘ as she knew full well that it was taken out of context in the video.

In the clip the way it was edited it made it look as if the Politician when asked a question replied ‘ I said No. ‘ In actual fact if you watch closely and listen carefully the reporter says,

‘ Excuse me Morris? can I ask you a question? ‘

Mr Williamson replies almost inaudibly,

‘ I said No.’

The reporter ignores this and asks

‘ Do you text Whaleoil? ‘

Mr Williamson repeats himself but more loudly this time. ‘ I said no.’

To anyone viewing this clip it appears that Mr Williamson answered no to the question when in fact he actually twice said, ‘I said no,’ in response to being asked if the reporter could ask him a question.