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Singer Ciara is leaving unhappy New Zealand fans in her wake. MARIO ANZUONI/Getty Images

Today’s face of the day needs to change her manager. There is no other way to describe her manager’s actions other than blackmail and stand over tactics. Even worse when the stand over and blackmail succeeded the service paid for was not even provided.

I have experienced this kind of ‘ negotiation ‘. A deal was reached, payments were made in advance to cover the work that the person was apparently doing and then when the product was due to be delivered a demand was made for the final payment despite the deal being that the final payment would be made when the product was received. I was gob smacked at the time as the person was claiming that they didn’t trust me to make the final payment despite a number of payments I had made to them, trusting ( without proof ) that the work was underway.

I had the money and was happy to pay but quite understandably did not want to hand over the final payment till I had proof that the project had been completed and was all that had been promised. I was held to ransom and the product was not delivered. I refused to pay and I never received the product.

In hindsight I now think that I was being played right from the start and that the work had never been done so the person was actually unable to deliver the final product. Demanding the final payment with the product sight unseen was their final attempt to get money off me. It was fraud and it was blackmail and it was stand over. I lost my money but I learned a valuable life lesson.

I hope that the organisers of the concert in Christchurch have learned from this, that Ciara and her manager can not be trusted to honor a contract. I hope that Ciara and her group are blacklisted and avoided worldwide. There is nothing I despise more than a blackmailer and a thief. Ciara’s manager is both.


Two minutes before Ciara was to go on stage for her Christchurch show on Wednesday night, her manager demanded an extra $20,000 from event organisers, a source close to the event says.

Ciara’s manager said if he did not get the extra monies, the American singer would not perform, the source told?Stuff.

A representative from Melbourne-based Ginnen Group, the touring company behind Ciara’s show at Ilam Fields, agreed to transfer the money into the manager’s account on the spot via internet banking, but he insisted he be given cash.

“The promoter didn’t have $20,000 in cash on him. There was an argument about how to get cash at 9.30pm on a Wednesday night when there were no banks open.”

A computer was set-up in front of Ciara’s manager and a bank account logged in to but “he kept saying he wanted it in cash”.

Ninety minutes after Ciara was due on stage, her manager finally agreed to be paid the $20,000 the next day.

Originally scheduled to be held at Canterbury University venue The Foundry, the event was moved outdoors to Ilam Fields because of high ticket demand.
Ciara went on stage at 10.50pm but had only 10 minutes left to perform as the venue had to shutdown to comply with an 11pm curfew to satisfy noise restrictions at the site.

“Someone from Ginnen Group said he would take the rap and cover the fine to let the show go on until Ciara had finished, but the person from [Canterbury] university said she couldn’t do it as she would lose her license to do future events at Ilam Fields.”

Ciara also failed to attend meet-and-greet sessions with excited fans in Christchurch and Wellington who had paid upwards of $125 to do so.

The show was sold to New Zealand promoters by the Ginnen Group, which had in turn been sold the tour by American company, Heavy Rotation.

“Ciara’s manager is saying that the meet and greets hadn’t been agreed upon. I saw the contracts. The meet and greet was signed off by Ciara’s manager and so was the change of venue but her manager played on he didn’t know it was an outdoor venue. He even came down earlier in the day and met with us and said nothing to us about having a problem.”

Speaking on behalf of Ginnen Group, Matty Peilua apologised to fans.

“Please be assured that we did everything we could from our end to try [to] make the show still go on. We are not going to blame anyone or any one thing, we will simply say that we are as disappointed as everyone else.”

He added that meet and greet fans would “receive a full refund”, and they would be happy to negotiate with other ticket-holders.

Christchurch ticket-holders requesting refunds have been referred to Melbourne-based Castor & Ford Agency.

The event company issued a video statement apologising to both Christchurch fans and Ciara…

At her show in Wellington on Thursday, Ciara performed with a backing track for only 30 minutes and again stood up fans who had paid $120 for a meet-and-greet package.

– The Press