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Nicky Hager

Today’s face of the day is the author / journalist who used material stolen from a blogger/ journalist to write a book then was outraged when his ‘ journalistic ‘ privacy was ignored when the Police used a legally obtained warrant to search his home. They were looking for evidence of the identity of the Hacker that he did business with in order to illegally obtain a blogger/journalist’s private correspondence with confidential sources as well as his personal correspondence in order to sell a book and make money.

This is a guy with more cheek than a fat man’s bottom.


A High Court judge has ruled that some of the documents held by police in relation to a search of Nicky Hager’s home should remain confidential.

Justice Robert Dobson had to consider all the documents being sought by Hager, an investigative journalist and author of the book Dirty Politics, who is challenging the police decision to search his home in October and seize information, much of it stored electronically.

Police were acting on a complaint from blogger Cameron Slater, whose hacked emails were leaked to Hager and used as a source for his pre-election expose.

The seized information is being held at the High Court in Auckland pending Hager’s challenge and agreement on an independent way to sort through the material to identify relevant information.

Hager’s challenge to the search is due to be heard next month at the High Court in Wellington.

Justice Dobson has already ordered police to hand over information, with some restrictions.

Hager’s lawyer Felix Geiringer asked the court to further consider whether police could withhold documents from inspection by claiming confidentiality.

Police said the information could prejudice the ongoing investigation and was it necessary to maintain the secrecy of confidential sources.

Geiringer said the police were being unreasonable and were not complying with their obligations to disclose information.

Justice Dobson said that overall he was satisfied the content of the documents justified a relatively high level of concern on behalf of the police, and that significant harm could result from the disclosure of some of the documents.

“Given the importance of the principle of open justice, this is not a conclusion that the court can come to lightly,” he said.

“Nevertheless it is the compelling outcome in this case.”

He allowed some information to go to a defence expert but not to Hager. Some of the information would be kept redacted.

– The Dominion Post