Faceless shadows that walk amongst us, or The Girls of the Taliban

Women’s rights groups can see that yet again women’s rights in Afghanistan are under threat. Previously women had been banned from going to the doctor and getting an education. Now they can visit a doctor and get educated BUT unregistered religious ‘ schools are springing up everywhere where the only ‘ education ‘ provided is religious brainwashing Islamic. No science, no maths, no anything bar memorising the Koran.

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Islamic religious school in Afghanistan

Inside the school for girls the only thing they study is the Koran. They rock as they recite the words, the obvious cult like brainwashing methods clearly apparent. Recite, rock, repeat, over and over and over. No critical thought allowed, just the ideology imprinted over and over again. No questioning, no freedom of speech, no actual education just the words repeated over and over again.

They are taught to obey their parents and if they don’t that is a sin. However if their parents do not want them to wear the ‘ Veil ‘ they are taught to ignore their parents because Allah wants them to wear a Veil. The sad fact is that no where in the Koran is the Hijab or Burka mentioned. These girls who are forced to memorise the Koran would know this. Modest dress is mentioned that is all. Modest dress for both men and women. Who decides what modest dress is? The men in charge of course.

One girl had wanted to be a doctor but now says that Sharia ( the law of Islam ) forbids women having jobs. She lost her dream of becoming a doctor when she was moved from a state school to the religious one. Sharia is Islam and Islam is Sharia. She or was it another girl as they all look the same under those stifling, individuality erasing veils, listed all the things that women cannot do.

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Afghanistan was not always such a repressive country. Photographs from the 1950s and 60s depict a very different Afghanistan; one where female students sat next to their male peers, where girls scouts worked along with boy scouts, where, in parks and playgrounds, buses and record stores, hospitals and schools, women were seen in equal numbers as men.


Afghanistan once upon a time

Afghanistan once upon a time

One of the shadows interviewed said the teaching of the Koran is clear, Man is the boss and woman is his employee. Previous to that statement she claimed that women have rights she then mentioned one single right. The right to be recognised as a human being.

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They are taught who it is ok to kill under Islamic law. First some one who kills an ‘ innocent ‘ person.( Remember Infidels are NOT considered innocent.) Secondly the unbeliever , the Muslim who wants to leave his/her ‘ faith ‘ and thirdly the adulterer.

They are even taught the correct way to kill them. Of course their chosen method is as barbaric as their ideas. Stoning is the method they approve but only for adultery. The other two get the more merciful ( depending on how it is done ) hanging.

They do however make an exception if the adultery involved a young girl or a young man. (Note they say girl not woman and man not boy) In that case they will be whipped. A young woman will not get the lesser punishment as will a young man. She gets stoned. Of course the likelihood of a young unmarried girl willingly committing adultery is extremely unlikely. The reality is in these cases that she gets raped and then punished for adultery, such is the sick mentality of Islam.

Prepare to feel sick as one of the ‘ teachers ‘ at the school which keeps the male teachers and their students separated at all times behind a curtain is revealed to have taken one of his students as his second wife! Obviously the curtains and the veil were not enough to keep his desires in check. Or maybe he was attracted to her ability to recite the Koran and accept every piece of dogma that he taught. As he trained her himself he can feel confident that she will not talk back and have her own thoughts and feelings. She will know her place as his ‘ employee ‘ and will not desire real education or a life outside the family home and children. How scary to think that becoming an A+ student could result in the ‘ prize ‘ of marriage to your teacher. YUK!

Later in the video a Female Muslim teacher from a state school spoke of the negative affects on both girls and boys who attend these religious schools. She told of a friend’s son who after 8 months of brainwashing Islamic instruction told his mother that she should not go to work and if she did he would kill her. He told her that a woman has no right to go outside.

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One of the girls spoke about how dancing and music is wrong as it encourages people to get into passionate circumstances which in Islam is sinful and completely unacceptable. The religion of peace really seems to be a poor description really as The religion of misery guts and no fun at all seems a more apt description. They are taught that western values and culture means that women have to work and provide for and feed themselves whereas under Islam women get to ‘ relax ‘ at home and have their husbands take care of them. The truth that equality and equal rights means that they can choose the lifestyle they want and not be restricted to only one option is not taught to them. Equality and freedom is described to them as being left vulnerable and uncared for.

The more ‘ moderate ‘ followers of Islam in Afghanistan are concerned about the ‘ extreme ‘ Islam being taught in these schools but they are afraid to speak out. One woman feared for her life if she spoke up. If Islamic followers in an Islamic country who are ‘ moderate ‘ are too scared to speak out how can liberals in Western countries expect ‘ moderate ‘ Muslims to speak out? So called moderates may flee to Western countries to escape the worst restrictions of Islam but once their numbers grow and include ‘ extreme ‘ followers they will be silent for exactly the same reasons. Even though they don’t like it they know it is still Islam and is deeply rooted in beliefs they share. To reject ‘ extreme ‘ Islam is to reject their own beliefs. As the Turkish PM said, it is insulting to Islam to say this is moderate and this is extreme. Islam is Islam , he said and since the ‘moderates’ will not challenge the ‘ extreme, ‘ this truth is self evident.


The video I have partially summarised and discussed is below.