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Jesse Ryder and Cameron Slater

Some headlines from the MSM are:

Boxing: Slogger vs Blogger (Ryder v Slater)

Johnstone: Sky see value in celebrity scrap between Jesse Ryder and Cameron Slater

Bad boy showdown: Cameron Slater ready to ‘punch the hell’ out of Jesse Ryder

With a height, reach and youth advantage, Ryder will be favoured for a relatively easy win over Slater. He is keen for this fight to last longer than when he beat sports radio host Mark Watson inside two minutes in 2012.

“I’m going to try and see if I can take this a bit deeper, depending on how he comes out,” he said.

“The first time I did it the training took me outside of cricket. It was good to focus on something else. The rush you get in the ring, I really enjoyed it and always wanted to do it again.”

Slater has also dropped weight ? down 8kg?to 106kg.

The outspoken blogger, who was at the centre of the Dirty Politics scandal last year, claimed he was not motivated by changing public perceptions.

“For the last 10 years I’ve been dealing with the unknown. It’s not a secret I’ve battled through depression and nothing is more frightening than that. Most people would have caved with what I went through last year but I’m still here punching with the keyboard and now with the gloves.”



Like them or loathe them, in today’s entertainment environment where a name means as much as the game, somehow the freak shows work.

In adding a celebrity element to their lineup, Sky are following suit, clearly acknowledging it’s a case of putting bums on seats, or more specifically, selling more pay-per-views.

The boxing purist will enjoy the main event, a cruiserweight clash between Australian Anthony McCracken and Kiwi-based Samoan Vaitele Soi with the Aussie putting his three belts on the line.

But the intrigue of “The Blogger versus The Slogger” will draw a wider audience.

These are two controversial and polarising figures getting into the ring, with both saying the KidsCan charity is a huge motivator.

But scratch below the surface and you’ll find two contrasting figures determined to win…


…Slater looks like, well, exactly what he is. An overweight journalist, seemingly happier punching a keyboard than a boxing bag.

A journalist huh?

But he says he’s enjoying the pain of training with respected coach Henry Schuster and has seen quick benefits ? he’s dropped 8kg since Christmas to be 106kg and he’d like to be around the 100kg mark for fight night.

The man with the acid pen can also poke the borax at himself.

He says his wife reckons it’s good to see him ironing his shirts without the need for a wok. And while people work towards a goal of displaying a six-pack, he’s always talked up taking a keg approach. But “now it’s time to get rid of the big motor”.

He also talked bravely about ignoring fears over this fight.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years dealing with the unknown. Nothing is more frightening than battling depression.”

That’s a point well taken. But this is boxing, and how he handles and reacts to a decent whack in the face is all that matters on March 28 in Christchurch.

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