Fenton “Jong-Un” Wilson is Dreamin’

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

The dodgy socialist dam has apparently got backers according to Chairman Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson.

A potential corporate investor is lined up to undertake due diligence once resource consent issues related to the Ruataniwha dam are finalised, Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s chairman says.

Fenton Wilson told a Grey Power meeting in Napier yesterday that the farming community in Central Hawke’s Bay “aren’t ready to sign up en masse” to the take water from the irrigation scheme until a board of inquiry finishes re-working consents for an associated environmental plan change.

“Some have and some are poised ready to go but they want to understand how that [plan change] would work,” he said.


So there is a potential backer lined up who will do due diligence when the consents are complete.

That has so many weasel clauses you?d have to think that Fenton ?Jong-Un? Wilson would be in the market for London Bridge.

Good luck getting the consents Chairman, you have been smashed in the Board of Inquiry, smashed in the High Court and are going to get smashed again in the BOI now it has reconvened.

Farmers are a canny lot…they aren’t going to sign up to anything until the legal situation is sorted and statements by the chairman about the plan change are silly.

The plan change is simple…you can’t build the damn because the plan as it stands will poison the Tukituki River turning it toxic.

Trying to strong arm lobby groups by threatening legal action will only embolden them to go back to court where they haven’t lost yet.


– Hawkes Bay Today