Finlayson mans up, Vance gets more shrill

While Murray McCully is cuddling terrorists, Chris Finlayson is manning up at a conference that has just wrapped up discussing Islamic terror.

Andrea Vance has her knickers in a bunch over it too, so it must have been a good thing Finlayson attended.

Security services minister Chris Finlayson has confirmed his attendance at an anti-extremism summit widely criticised for singling out Muslims.

He is on his way back from a ministerial meeting at the White House Summit on Countering Violent Extremism.

Finlayson, the minister responsible for the Government Communications Security Bureau and the Security Intelligence Service, spoke yesterday on “the importance of strengthening the role of civil society in preventing violent extremism”.

The meeting was chaired by Secretary of State John Kerry and followed terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen.?

At the three-day summit, US President Barack Obama called Muslim communities in the US to do more to counter violent extremism.

“Muslim leaders need to do more to discredit the notion that our nations are determined to suppress Islam,” he said in a widely publicised speech.

But critics have said the focus on Islam was too narrow and excluded other extremist groups, particularly those the US tolerates. There was also concern it was hastily pulled together and disorganised.

The summit drew law-makers, enforcement authorities and religious leaders from across the world. Attorney-General Finlayson was travelling and not available for interview.

“In the current global environment, it is important that the international community comes together to develop bestpractice measures against violent extremism,” he said in a written statement.

Finlayson did not issue a copy of his speech.

So while McCully is insulting Israel and cuddling Hamas it is Finlayson who is doing a good job.


– Fairfax